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Mobility is a core element of our lives and has a significant impact on economic and social development. Currently, its ecosystem as a whole is undergoing a profound transformation. All stakeholders must understand this drastic paradigm shift, imagine the possible futures and completely revisit their strategies in order to reposition themselves in a world of sustainable and shared mobility.  


Several simultaneous mega-trends combine their effects and drive this revolution. One, powerful yet affordable technologies, massive amounts of data and vast computing power are increasingly available. Two, interest in car ownership shrinks in dense, developed areas and is balanced by a desire to have easy and immediate access to mobility anytime, anywhere. And three, the general population is increasingly sensitive to our planet's health, which generates drastic efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

These mega-trends have also brought about new players which disrupt the status quo and force existing stakeholders to shift their strategies and do it quickly. Some of these new players provide either innovative mobility solutions or new business models. Others develop advanced technologies, mainly for autonomous driving, vehicle connectivity or clean propulsion. A few new players address the complete vehicle ex nihilo, encompassing all technologies and eventually offering new mobility solutions.


Founded in 2016 and based in Silicon Valley, ORSAY CONSULTING helps its clients understand and adapt to this rapid and profound transformation to make the most of it. We scout for technologies and startups, and provide analyses on markets, players and business models in this ecosystem, focusing on electric mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity and new mobility solutions. We also assist corporate clients in defining new strategies adapted to the transformation of this ecosystem and help them identify and approach potential targets for partnership or investment purpose. In parallel, we advise startups, focusing on strategy, product-market fit, go-to-market, partnerships, and the identification and approach of potential corporate partners and investors.

Your Expert Advisor in the Mobility Space

Expertise, Experience and Networks in Silicon Valley and Europe

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Marc Amblard
Founder & Managing Director

Based in Silicon Valley, Marc has over 30 years of experience in the mobility space. Educated in both France (M.Sc.) and the USA (MBA), he has held various operational and functional positions at PSA, Renault and Valeo as well as Alstom, a global leader in rail equipment and services. These included senior positions with global functional responsibilities for multi-billion dollar businesses. He was also CEO of EFQM, the global leader in the deployment of organizational excellence, operating internationally at C-suite level. 

This experience has provided Marc with an extensive understanding of the mobility ecosystem and a keen ability to identify and address the challenges and opportunities organizations are facing. He has become passionate about the profound transformation this ecosystem is undergoing, focusing particularly on electric, autonomous, connected and shared mobility.


Marc founded ORSAY CONSULTING in 2016 to contribute his expertise, experience and network to established companies and startups in the mobility / transportation space. He assists corporate clients with startup and technology scouting, market research, strategy consulting, executive workshops, keynotes, corporate development and recruitment. The objective is to help clients understand and navigate the ecosystem as it quickly evolves and to identify and leverage opportunities for partnership or growth.


Marc also advises startups, assisting them with product-market fit, go-to-market strategy, partnership and business development. In addition, he acts as a pro bono mentor to mobility startups in several incubators in Silicon Valley and Paris, and often participates as keynote speaker, panelist or moderator in conferences on mobility. Marc has developed a large mobility-related network, which includes startups, incumbents and their outposts, accelerators and incubators, emerging OEMs, tech giants and venture capital (VC) firms and corporate VCs.

Marc is a citizen of both France and the United States. He has worked in France, the USA and Belgium and gained hands-on business experience in over 40 countries. He is fully bilingual French-English and fluent in German.

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Marc A
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