Preparing for the Mobility Revolution

Based in Silicon Valley, ORSAY CONSULTING assists clients in making the most of the mobility revolution, and connects the Valley's mobility ecosystem with the world.

A Broad Range of Bespoke Services

Advising Both Corporate Clients and Startups

We provide market analyses as well as startup and technology scouting in the  mobility space to help companies adapt their strategy. Our presence in Silicon Valley  guarantees direct access to key disruptors and potential partners.
We leverage our broad, international experience in the mobility space and our deep understanding of the ongoing mobility revolution to assist corporate clients and startups with strategic advisory, executive briefings and public speaking engagements.
Our presence in Silicon Valley and wide network in the mobility ecosystem enable us to assist companies in the identification of and connection with potential targets for business development, partnership or investment in Europe and the United States.

Your Expert Advisor in the Mobility Space

Expertise, Experience and Network in Silicon Valley and Europe

ORSAY CONSULTING is Dedicated to the Mobility Revolution
ORSAY CONSULTING focuses exclusively on the megatrends that are profoundly transforming mobility, i.e. electrification, autonomous driving, shared mobility, connectivity, as well as adjacent fields that enable this revolution. Our proprietary company database contains over 1,500 startups across the mobility spectrum.
Based in Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, ORSAY CONSULTING advises both corporate clients and startups with business-related, bespoke services. 
Marc Amblard
Founder & Managing Director
Over 25 years of experience in the mobility space, in both the automotive and the rail industries, in Europe and the USA. Held senior roles in program management, sales, manufacturing, global product planning and corporate strategy. Trusted advisor to both corporations and startups, in the USA and Europe.
Passionate about the mobility revolution, the underlying technologies and business models and all those who make it happen.

A Wealth of Knowledge to Assist You

An Observation Deck to Global Mobility Innovation

Proprietary Database with Over 1,800 Startups across the Mobility Space

Landscape of the Autonomous  Driving Ecosystem   Over 400 Companies Covering 15 Domains

Mobility Revolution - a Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Future of Mobility

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