Preparing for the Mobility Revolution 

ORSAY CONSULTING assists both established companies and startups in apprehending and making the most of the profound transformation the mobility ecosystem is undergoing. To this end, we leverage our thorough understanding of the mobility space, our corporate strategy experience and our large C-level network. Based in Silicon Valley, we are in constant contact with startups, incubators and accelerators, tech giants, venture capitalists, and emerging OEMs.


We focus on electric mobility, autonomous and connected vehicles and new mobility services. We scout for startups, technologies and emerging business models, assist clients in their product-market fit and go-to-market strategies, help them identify their strategic options and potential growth targets and assist them in making the necessary connexions. Services include: 

- startup and technology scouting, market insight, ...   [click for more ... ] 

- growth and strategic advisory  [click for more ... ]

- business and corporate development   [click for more ... ] 

Startup and Technology Scouting, Market Insight 

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, ORSAY CONSULTING offers startup and technology scouting as well as market and business insight to help companies understand and leverage the mobility revolution. Our expertise covers electric mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity, new mobility services as well as inter-modal integration. We continually  scan the startup ecosystem and often meet founders to understand their businesses. As a result, we track mobility-related startups in our proprietary database (over 1,200). Our services include:

- startup and technology scouting and mapping, including in relevant adjacent spaces

- deep dives documenting the competitive landscape in specific segments of the mobility space

- analyses of segment-relevant trends, emerging business models, use cases and incumbents' transformation

- insight into the mobility ecosystem, technologies, pilots, new use cases, etc.

- tracking of various alliances, partnerships and investment among players in the ecosystem

Growth and Strategic Advisory

Leveraging our broad international experience in senior corporate and operational roles in the mobility space, ORSAY CONSULTING assists corporations as well as startups in making the most of the on-going, deep transformation in mobility. For the former, we address issues related to long term strategy and repositioning. For the latter, we act as a Board Advisor to address growth- and traction-related matters. Services include:

- corporate strategic repositioning to leverage the transformation in the mobility space

- startup advisory

- product-market fit, go-to-market strategy 

- business development and partnerships

- construction of strategic and business plans, and related initiatives

Business and Corporate Development

Thanks to its presence in Silicon Valley and its wide C-suite network in the mobility ecosystem, ORSAY CONSULTING assists companies in their development, partnership or acquisition projects, connecting Silicon Valley with global mobility hubs. Services focus on electric mobility, autonomous driving, connected and new mobility services and include:

- scouting for business partners in the mobility ecosystem, both corporations and startups

- generation of corporate development opportunities, i.e. investment or acquisition

- identification of potential targets for proofs of concept / pilots, partnership

- connection between startups and corporations, representation, due diligence, negotiation, monitoring of projects

- assistance in penetrating the mobility industry​, in particular automotive and rail


Preparing for the Mobility Revolution


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